Angling Ethics and Ferox

The reason for this post is Angling ethics the good the bad and the down right ugly. I have been fishing man and boy for over forty years. If truth be told it is nearer fifty. My God half a century and I’m still learning. I’ll be a blinkin genius when I’m 100.Over that time I have used different methods and watched others develop their styles. After all these years I have come to the conclusion that the one thing that binds us as Anglers is ethics,our primary aim is enjoyment of our sport and the banter that surrounds it. Be you a pike salmon chub or whatever angler,whether you use bait metal or fur, you are an angler who approaches your sport with an ethical inclination to preserve and foster our species and environment.

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The Estuary or “Going down the River”?


It has been approximately 2 years since I fished “the estuary” as it is now in thoroughly modern parlance referred to. When as a young lad with either grandfather and various uncles from both sides of the family we like everyone else from the town referred to it as “going down the river”I have vivid memories of been permitted to use the ultimate in modern machinery a seagull long shaft to propel a sixteen foot clinker build . Continue reading The Estuary or “Going down the River”?

River of my Youth

I have previously mentioned this subject before in another post and given that I have read this post again I got down to thinking about the River of my youth and the impact it has had on me and others from “the town”

We I suppose would be no different from any group of people worldwide who enjoy fishing and the whole idea of outdoors and the natural bias we would have to our local area it’s rivers woods and lakes.

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Home International Lough Sheelin

Another year has come around and the competitive anglers are once again competing for their respective Countries in the Home International. These competitions are held on an annual basis between Ireland,England,Scotland and Wales. This year the first of these competitions will take place on Lough Sheelin in County Cavan and it is testament to the commendable work that has taken place by the local club and others to bring this lake from the condition it had deteriorated to.Now once again Continue reading Home International Lough Sheelin

Casting and lessons ? is it too late ?

I will be the first to admit that my casting style leaves much to be desired, like most I am self taught and garnered advice from friends and associates who were kind enough to point out my mistakes. I always regret that I did not go to a proper instructor for casting lessons when I first started out on the river a few !!! years ago, but at that time fly fishing had not reached the professional standard it is at today.
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Poaching and Illegal Fishing

Poaching was at one time an excusable exercise by a starving majority in this country, because of this it has been viewed by some, as some form of tradition in rural areas. Nothing could be further from the truth the individuals involved in this nefarious exercise are in short criminals who are squandering and abusing our natural resources for monetary gain. Continue reading Poaching and Illegal Fishing