Irish Trout Fly Fishing 2011

The Inter provincial competition under the auspices of the Irish Trout Fly Fishing Association(ITFFA) has taken place in Lough Lein Killarney County Kerry. This is one of the many competitions that take place on a yearly basis here in Ireland and draws together  the best competition anglers from this island. For those not familiar with this or other events there are qualifications for both this competition and the national on provincial qualifiers. Continue reading Irish Trout Fly Fishing 2011

Seatrout Wicklow

I decided to take a spin down around the beach on Sunday,have to admit it was the typical Irish summer’s day “scattered cloud and sun”.In other words if you want that scorching barbecuing,beer drinking and bronzed body you will need to head further south,by my estimation approximately five hundred miles.However once said there is something special about our beaches here. Continue reading Seatrout Wicklow

Fishandgun is updating

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