Casting and lessons ? is it too late ?

I will be the first to admit that my casting style leaves much to be desired, like most I am self taught and garnered advice from friends and associates who were kind enough to point out my mistakes. I always regret that I did not go to a proper instructor for casting lessons when I first started out on the river a few !!! years ago, but at that time fly fishing had not reached the professional standard it is at today.

However when we think about it casting is the means to an end,the ultimate goal is a to persuade your quarry to accept your offering, I have to admit that my skills in this area are just average and I look on successful fly fisher men and women with what can only be described as admiration. When I think about this the reason for their success is many fold, They succeed because they approach our sport in a serious manner and are willing to devote time and money in the pursuit of excellence.

If you like me have a passion for fly fishing you must admit that watching these individuals is a joy, as one non fishing gentleman I once met described it, he stated that he knew nothing about fishing but had often stopped just to watch someone fly fishing, he said it was definitely an art. From that day I have to agree with him I have watched some boat partners cast and I have witnessed from the downright horrendous to what can only be described as a thing of beauty.

So finally that to me is the essence of our sport if we want fish there are easier methods of capture, why do we use the most difficult,because although we will not admit it we want to be the best artist on lake ,river or estuary.

So will I go for lessons after 40 plus years since I first held a fly rod. I am just about to go on the Internet to get a few numbers, Who can you recommend that has the patience,OH!! and he/she will need a good crash helmet.

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