Choosing a Rimfire .17Hmr ?

I have searched various articles and forums on the web in my pursuit of the ideal rimfire,The choice available can be quite bewildering however with patience and research you will find that like myself you will gravitate to a firearm that will suit your particular needs.

In my search I eventually cut my choices down to two types the 17 hmr and the 22 magnum.The eventual decision was in fact not my own but a gentleman I met through the medium of social media. He is the owner of large retail and trade outlet for firearms in the United States. His advice was the 17 hmr,given that I have tried and liked the feel and accuracy from this rifle and allied to the fact that the aforementioned gentleman has sold 11,000 units of all types this year,for me the 17 is the winner.

There has been much discussion around wind drift from such a light round,hot barrels and the ensuing damage. I will admit that wind drift could be a factor here,but barrel damage I find that difficult to beleive and would put that down to poor house keeping.I have witnessed many users using or shall I say abusing guns that would not be found in any manufacturers guidelines.

As a matter of interest I was taught many years ago about the area of safety and housekeeping for firearms.The recommendation then was to clean a barrel after twenty five rounds.I have not witnessed anything in the intervening years that would change my view of this sound advice.As regards cleaning,most products remove carbon build up rather easily. However what about copper,what product do you use to remove the real enemy to your barrels longevity and perhaps it is not addressing this that leads to the urban legends on hot barrels!

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