Irish Trout Fly Fishing 2011

The Inter provincial competition under the auspices of the Irish Trout Fly Fishing Association(ITFFA) has taken place in Lough Lein Killarney County Kerry. This is one of the many competitions that take place on a yearly basis here in Ireland and draws together  the best competition anglers from this island. For those not familiar with this or other events there are qualifications for both this competition and the national on provincial qualifiers. Although like all competitions there is a high degree of competitiveness there is also the usual banter and friendship amongst anglers involved in these competitions.Anglers qualifying from these two events go forward from here and represent Ireland at the home international where they compete for top honours with anglers from England,Scotland and Wales. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all qualifiers from this year and wish them the best of luck in their Irish Colours.

The competition this year has produced some excellent anglers to go forward and represent us in the home international. In the days preceding the competition naturally I had my spies on the ground or should I say in this case on the water. Initial reports from these individuals indicated that that fishing would be tough with lots of trout coming short and two or three trout to the boat being the norm. These gentlemen covered all areas of the lake before competition day with the same results throughout. I have just had their report from the competition and must say I am delighted with their news, it appears that two of my spies have qualified one going that further step by winning the competition. Congratulations Stephen.

The following is the news received from Anglers in Lough Lein as regards areas fished and flies used.

Patrick Kelly and Thomas Lynch fishing together concentrated on the area known as “The Wash” and proved that they were justified in their decision,Patrick earned another Irish jacket by qualifying and Thomas coming away with the title of top Ulster rod.Sean Creane did well on the “Mountain Shore” and earned his qualification from this area,his first time to qualify and hopefully he will earn further honours. Patrick Kelly’s brother Seamus performed as consistently as ever and won his place once again on the Irish team fishing the same area as his brother. Stephen Browne fishing with his boat partner in the east had the best of the lot little knowing that his total would lead to winning the competition.  Andrew Duncan a very consistent angler in the competition scene also qualified to earn yet another green blazer. There is one statistic that I have noticed here that as a Ballina man and having fished Lough Conn man and boy for over forty years is the prevalence of Lough Conn anglers on the team , If my calculations are correct Lough Conn will be represented by seven anglers in next years competitions. (Must be something in the water). It goes without saying that the Connaught team came out deservedly with top honours in the team event. Again I must congratulate all anglers who competed and I have been asked to mention the local club without whom the competition could not take place they are an excellent and helpful club and I have had some great craic fishing with them.

The  following is the list of flies that were working for several anglers on the day.

Green Peter,Doobry,Watsons Fancy,Black Dabbler,Black Stimulator and Thunder and Lightning.

The qualifiers in no particular order were : Stephen Browne,Seamus Kelly,Patrick Kelly,Sean Creane,Gerry Dixon,Tom o’Neill,Robert Creighton,Andrew Duncan,Richard Willis,and Francis Mac Sharry.

On a personal note I have fished with the lads from Lough Lein on several occasions and found them to be a thoroughly great bunch of people. Hopefully I will be fit and well to join them and other anglers when the new season starts yet again next year.I am looking forward to it and hope to get back to the one sport I thoroughly enjoy.

I would like to thank the following anglers for their input to this, Seamus Kelly,Adrian Murphy,Stephen Browne,Patrick Kelly and Sean Creane. Thanks for keeping me in the loop lads looking forward to thrashing ye next year,

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