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Harbour Lough ConnI have had a communication from an angler who is interested in Ireland our fishing and places of interest around the country.Because of this I decided to add an addition to this site which will be a general area for information about Ireland the country and places that we as Irish people are accustomed to.

While pondering this and beginning to believe that perhaps this may be a daunting task for such a small site I came to the conclusion that I should start with the areas that I am familiar with and allow others if they wish to add their input to this. Where to start ? Since this started life as an angling site why not begin with Lough Conn and the areas I was first introduced to at an earlier age.

Lough Conn is one of the five lakes that pass through the counties of Mayo and Galway from north to south if you look at a map of the west coast of Ireland these are Loughs Conn,Cullin,Carra,Mask and Corrib and between them they are five of the top wild brown fisheries worldwide.

Lough Conn is approximately nine miles long from north to south and four miles wide at its widest point covering an area of 14,000 Acres,The normal approach to fishing this lough is from a drifting boat with intermediate and/or floating lines most fish being encountered from the top on standard Irish wets.These flies can be purchased locally or perhaps you will be fortunate enough to come across a local angler or Ghillie from whom you could get valuable information as regards fly patterns and the best drifts.So where to go for advice about ghillies flies et al,there are several tackle shops in the surrounding areas of Foxford Ballina and Castlebar where you can meet  up with fellow anglers,however there are other places to obtain such information and one of these The Lodge Cloghans Bay would be where I meet up with a few friends after a days fishing where 90% of the conversation is the lake, trout,salmon or shooting. Just for proof of how close you are to the lake I have uploaded a picture of the Lodge an old fashioned place which is valued by the locals and loved by visitors.

As I have mentioned in previous posts I have a fly tyer  who will be uploading his patterns here at which point you will have patterns to use if you get the chance to fish my lake. In the interim go on the advice you get from local anglers and others,They are not in the habit of misleading you and will certainly help in any way they can. As I have mentioned before Lough Conn like any of the western lakes is a place that once you visit you will not forget either the day you spend on the lake or the craic  after your day,

Please however keep in mind this is a large expanse of water,using a boat on this lake is for the experienced both in handling of boat and knowledge of the area. If you use a local as a ghillie not only will you have a more enjoyable visit but a safer one too,After all we would like you to return, and where do you encounter such an experienced individual. The simplest way is head to the local some evening and ask.

If you would like further information on this or other areas please contact me here. I will add further to this and include other areas in the future

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