Poaching and Illegal Fishing

Poaching was at one time an excusable exercise by a starving majority in this country, because of this it has been viewed by some, as some form of tradition in rural areas. Nothing could be further from the truth the individuals involved in this nefarious exercise are in short criminals who are squandering and abusing our natural resources for monetary gain.The removal of Fish Deer and plants from areas in Ireland has almost become an epidemic with little discouragement for those caught in the act.Perhaps it is time to recognize the importance of country sports and what it brings to our economy.Most of us involved in country sports do so for several reasons but foremost in our minds is habitat renewal and improvement. We invest our time and money in to these areas unseen by the general public to the betterment of the environment and for the enjoyment of not only ourselves but the general public and visitors alike. For any of these waters or woodlands to be abused by aforementioned poachers is a crime that should be reflected in our attitude to these few who are destroying the enjoyment of all.


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