River of my Youth

I have previously mentioned this subject before in another post and given that I have read this post again I got down to thinking about the River of my youth and the impact it has had on me and others from “the town”

We I suppose would be no different from any group of people worldwide who enjoy fishing and the whole idea of outdoors and the natural bias we would have to our local area it’s rivers woods and lakes.

Personally I can’t say when my love affair started with the river,however if proof be needed there is a photograph of a curly haired kid on Bartra island circa 60/61. I do remember my first trout from “the walls” and I was at that time just a bit larger than my quarry so this was lift off . First salmon ? I was about nine years old and managed by pure luck and no skill to extract on from Muldoyle’s. Since then I have been lucky on the river and managed to get quite a number of fish from it,by all methods, Though I finally moved to fly only around twenty five years ago.I have loved the whole idea of it ever since, be it river lake or estuary.

So what is it that holds such a grip on fishermen/anglers. Personally I believe it is nothing to do with catching fish it is the environment and the overwhelming beauty of the places we get to see. We are the fortunate few that see sights that the general public will never be party to.

But added to that is your history, where did you get the fish, in my case it could be the few places I mentioned already or maybe,Clarkes pier,Reilly’s pier, the Basin, the Cockle Strand,the Flats,Goose island the list goes on and what brilliant names. How many people before me caught fish at these and other places and therein is I think my love affair with the river,it is part of my past,I am in places where generations before me fished.It is our link to these people,if you think with a mature and open mind on this you would have to agree. Where is your favourite spot and what memories does it bring back to you ?
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