Seatrout Wicklow

I decided to take a spin down around the beach on Sunday,have to admit it was the typical Irish summer’s day “scattered cloud and sun”.In other words if you want that scorching barbecuing,beer drinking and bronzed body you will need to head further south,by my estimation approximately five hundred miles.However once said there is something special about our beaches here. Firstly they are considered crowded if you must set your particular family enclave within two hundred yards of the opposition for beach space and when it gets crowded well “lets move to the next beach”

People who follow and read this blog (and thank you again for coming back) realize I am originally from the west coast and would prefer naturally to live where I grew up,but life threw the dice and I now live on the east coast but I certainly can’t complain about the area I am now living in.

Where else do you know where in ten minutes you are seatrout fishing on one of three east coast seatrout streams,or during the winter I have approximately ten miles of surf beach to fish.Twenty minutes from me is one of the few wild brown trout fisheries on the east coast and just to pique your interest even more I have deer shooting during the winter again twenty minutes away

All Irish counties have a nickname in wicklow’s case it is known as “the garden of Ireland” and although it is no more scenic in my view than most other counties the photographs I have appended here will I hope whet your appetite to come have a look and do a spot of fishing ,rambling or whatever you fancy.

The seatrout streams you see here are best fished at night on the tide as that is when the trout move up in to these shallow channels. The secret to fishing these is simplicity. A silent approach around twenty minutes after dark. A floater or midge tip with two normal seatrout flies. There are times that you can encourage the better trout from the top with a skated fly I discovered this quite by accident one night and it has worked several times since though I will admit not as often as fishing normal wets.

The trout in these three streams are not large averaging 1lb however if you are lucky enough to hit a shoal at the right time you could be in for a great nights craic but please remember one for the pot is quite acceptable please practise catch and release. You will need a state licence to fish these streams also please check the local rules for the area you are fishing as for preservation reasons the taking of fish and size are subject to local fishery rules and these are changed on a seasonal basis.

Once daybreak comes head back to the car put the fly-rod away and take out your spinning rod. Head down to the beach and you have a cracking chance for bass, but don’t try to cast to the ones over in wales they are normally about ten to twenty yards out and even closer at times.Before you leave head up to the dunes and look out over to the east .If it is a clear morning you will see faintly mountains in the distance,Wales believe it or not !

If you would like to know more about this area please contact me here I would be happy to advice you in any way I can.

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